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Artem 'Arty' Stoliarov alleges copyright infringement in lawsuit

Many Texas residents often recognize similar musical elements in different songs, but they probably do not immediately assume that one artist stole the work of another -- whether on purpose or by accident. Unfortunately, this appears to happen more often than anyone in the music industry would like to admit. For this reason, artists file copyright infringement claims against one another.

Model fights back against copyright infringement claims

When a friend or loved one takes a picture of a Texas resident who then posts it to social media, lawsuits do not generally happen. However, when Gigi Hadid, a popular model, posted a picture of herself to her Instagram account that paparazzi took, she ended up facing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Hadid contends that she did not violate any laws when posting the picture of herself and wants the court to dismiss the case.

Know these changes when comtemplaing copyright litigation

Laws here in Texas and at the federal level are always subject to change. This includes laws regarding intellectual property such as copyrights. Before taking the step of filing copyright litigation, people with disputes in this area of law might want to know about some changes that could affect their cases.

What outcomes are possible in copyright litigation?

Protecting intellectual property is paramount for individuals and businesses here in Texas and elsewhere. When it becomes clear that someone is using protected material without permission, the owner of that property needs to take swift action, which could include simply asking the other party to stop using the material. When amicable efforts to resolve the situation fail, copyright litigation may ensue.

Spotify seeks better definition in copyright infringement case

One of the results of many appeals court rulings, whether here in Texas or elsewhere, is better definitions for words and terms that arise during or contribute to litigation. For instance, in copyright infringement, one of the questions Spotify wants to ask an appeals court is what "exclusive rights" means? The company wants an answer since at least one lawsuit the company faces involves what it considers a questionable standing to sue.


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