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Dedicated Houston Lawyer Litigates Intellectual Property and Related Disputes

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Houston and Austin Attorney Paul C. Van Slyke represents primarily public and private corporate entities as well as non-profits and government agencies in Texas and across the nation. Although several laws of the new millennium have added robust protections for copyright, trademark and trade secret rights, your rights and your company’s viability depend on vigorous enforcement in courts with federal and international jurisdiction. For more than 30 years, Paul Van Slyke has arbitrated, mediated, negotiated and litigated contentious, complex cases in state and federal court, and argued federal appeals. He has served as lead counsel in high-value software and technology transactions for clients across numerous industries. Mr. Van Slyke has also served as global head of the trademark, copyright and branding practice of a major international law firm. When your intellectual property, advertising or entertainment rights are threatened, Paul Van Slyke has the knowledge, experience and skill to assert your rights and deliver the results your business needs.

Profound knowledge of the IP, Internet and advertising issues that impact your business

Mr. Van Slyke has thorough knowledge of current intellectual property law as it applies in Texas, the United States and internationally. He represents companies, non-profits and businesses in the following:

  • Trademark and branding — Today’s “branded society” makes trademarks incredibly valuable business assets. Conflicts often arise over the geographic reach of rights established via registration or use, as well as actionable confusion, dilution or alleged abandonment. Mr. Van Slyke represents clients in litigation before the USPTO, in state and federal court, and on appeal.
  • Copyright law — Mr. Van Slyke represents media and publishers in literature, music, visual and dramatic art, photographs, film and video imagery, and even computer software in both traditional and digital media.
  • Theft of trade secrets — The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 grants federal jurisdiction for trade secret litigation and provides for ex parte seizure under extraordinary circumstances. Mr. Van Slyke counsels companies and employers on the consequences of the new trade secret law and advises on steps they can take to protect themselves. He also litigates trade secret and theft of confidential information cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Infringement litigation — Mr. Van Slyke acts as counsel for plaintiffs and defendants in  trademark and copyright infringement cases in state and federal court and on appeal.
  • Unfair competition litigation — Mr. Van Slyke represents clients in unfair competition litigation that often is joined with infringement litigation and theft of trade secrets.
  • Entertainment law — Mr. Van Slyke represents producters, content creators and distribution platforms throughout the entertainment industry in licensing transactions, breach of contract and infringement litigation arising from use in traditional and digital media.
  • Advertising and marketing law — Paul Van Slyke is well equipped to assist clients in all aspects of advertising and marketing campaigns, including digital advertising, social media advertising and placement advertising. He advises his clients in retail, automotive, e-commerce, technology, jewelry, cosmetics, consumer products, media, entertainment, food and beverage, hotel, housing, apartment and financial services, among others.
  • Internet law — Mr. Van Slyke represents businesses, content creators and advertisers on Internet issues.  For example, he has deep experience with:
    • Obtaining and removing advertising on Facebook and other websites
    • Domain name disputes
    • UDRP arbitration to recover pirated domain names
    • Recovering and defending domain names under the Anti-Cybersquatting Act
    • Compliance with laws and regulations dealing with the Internet
    • Protecting and defending the use of names, photos and videos on the Internet
    • Drafting terms of use and privacy policies for websites
    • Review websites for compliance with laws governing false and unfair advertising and regulations and other legal requirements

Mr. Van Slyke has handled intellectual property and related litigation in courts all over the United States, including Texas, New York, Delaware, California, Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. When you retain the services of Paul Van Slyke, you can be assured that your lawyer is fully qualified to take on your case.

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